Sunday, December 13, 2009

weisbuden breduntasch

spelling bee

whipping cream

sour path sylvia

babysitter's dead

gautama of old
india gambling
grease at cockfights
in venezuala
venice beach dreadlock

dr. dre's chronic pasta pizza buffet weed

you dug into something with a lawnmower
that pitched into your head
like a jagged tooth
into hot spaghetti

a landmower that
mows the fucked up
lands of grass
to cut it's beard

and fucked up
and picked a tooth
from the grass
with a hot metal

smoking cigarettes
cut from lusty tobacco farms
where that shit is sweltering in a
Virginia variety show
just a puffed up
donut cloud
dreaming pancakes
dead berry trees
planting people
in rows
growing their
hair long
and cooking it like
hot spaghetti

eternal like those things

when i met you
it was familiar
it was a thing
like tires spraying through the mush of wet snow
or the way beads of glass dip and hang from
the tightrope stretching
through town

it was eternal like those things
and there were powerful vibrations between us that
resonated in perfect harmony

i rolled like a barrel
down a federally protected dune
chasing red water
in a seaweed costume
and dartboard snowballs
with motorist degrees
made a fire ceremony
in the mead trough

we almost drowned
foaming through cold salt

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

roadside attraction

i find all kinds of wild crap by the side of the road

shells and coral
sweden vs. nigeria VHS tape
grilled corn with beans and cheese layered into the open husks
and salsa with nectarines
Funk and Wagnall's with pictures of penguins
box of crayons
ice cream cake
audio cassette recorder
silver snow and
dream dust from Sudan

and then there is the matter of a mama cardinal
nesting in a lilac bush

i see an orange beak poking out from
a tangled wreath of

dream dust from England
Scottish whiskers

Sunday, June 21, 2009

lost poem

i see one arm rolling up the carpet and the other is brushing a taxi man's teeth.
the signals are crossed and the head falters.
"bring it in for a bath", someone suggests. let it settle down,
it's spinning like a top and i mean, it's trimming hedges, it could take a finger from you.
this dangerous thing has me all tied up, and then i notice a redheaded vulture
with no moral compass gambling with your last wheezing cloud of talcum powder,
hastily, and without remorse as if he meant to lose.
but how did he happen upon it in the first place?
you were saving that one. or I was anyway.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

air freshener

sunburnt banana peels
and cigarettes make
my car smell
like banana bread
and cigarettes

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the curl

i was reading a story
when my book melted like
wax over my hands.
suddenly, a deep heat seized me.
i stepped out of bed and
my feet sank into the carpet,
now a swamp of hot fudge.
the bureau yawned, it's drooping drawer,
sagging wads of socks
like marshmallow teeth.
the radio, looking like a licorice brick,
went wonky, bending songs into soup.
sour sweat soaked my shirt.
overhead, the ceiling got drips
that dipped into the room like gobs of honey.
i watched the cat cook down
into an orange and white paste,
until he was just a creamy
smudge in the muck.
my own body curled and squirmed like putty
and then i turned to face the bed
just in time to see
the whole thing blink
like a sleepy whale's
giant eye.